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Wachusett Mountain Superintendent's House

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We love what we do.  As two friends who came together sharing a passion for food, family and our community, we have built our business to fuel our creativity, host our neighbors and treat every visitor to something special everyday.  Having grown Princeton's Mountainside Market during the past few years, when the opportunity to become curators of the Wachusett Mountain Superintendent's House arose, we looked at each other and knew we could take on this task and that the end result would be truly special. 

As we continue to work through this project, we are overjoyed to share this unique space with our visitors and to have returned an abandoned historic building into a usable and sunlit filled gathering place for many to enjoy.

We feel incredibly lucky to have been chosen as the curators for this magnificent historic property and are thankful to have a truly dedicated and responsive team at the Department of Conservation and Recreation for the State of Massachusetts.  We hope you enjoy learning more about the history of this building and join us in creating new stories and memories here for years to come. 

Katherine & Robin

To find out more about DCR's Historic Curatorship Program - Click the Buttom Below

213 Mountain Road - Princeton MA 01541

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Thursday - Friday:  11am - 8pm

Saturday - Sunday:  7am - 8pm

Sandwiches Available 11am - 3pm Thursday, Friday, Sunday

Until 5pm Saturdays


Thursday - Friday:  4pm-8pm

Saturday - Sunday:  12pm - 8pm

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Also accepting advanced pre-orders for dinners and bakery.  All orders must be placed online by Wednesday of each week.

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